Diplome și Certificate de excelență ARTELECTRO este recunoscut în mod constant, an de an, pentru eforturile lor în promovarea produselor Siemens ARTELECTRO Recunoașterea în afaceri, în special a pieței materialelor și echipamentelor electrice (Locul I - TOP AFACERI ROMANIA) BUSSMANN by Eaton
ARTELECTRO este importator direct și distribuitor autorizat în România, pentru produsele Bussmann by Eaton
SIEMENS - Soluții industriale de cântărire ARTELECTRO oferă soluții de cântărire continuă pentru cântar (benzi transportoare), atât pentru instalații fixe, cât și mobile, cu unghi de înclinare fix sau variabil

Human Machine Interface

39-44_HMI_sub-grupaSIMATIC HMI is optimized to meet your specific human machine interface needs using open and standardized interfaces in hardware and software, which allow efficient integration into your automation systems

Product families

SIMATIC HMI Key Panels can be used for creating conventional keypad operator panels according to the principle of" plug and control": They are ready for installation and pre-assembled. SIMATIC HMI Key Panels – the bus compatible alternative to conventional keypad operator panels. The new SIMATIC HMI Key Panels are ready-to-run control panels that can be connected to controllers via PROFINET.SIMATIC HMI Basic Panel provides new prospects for mechanical enginering. All the units offer basic HMI functions at an attractive price, which allows you to cost-effective integrate HMI functions into small machines or simple applications. The SIMATIC Basic Panel also is the perfect extension for the SIMATIC S7-1200 control system. This range offers panels with 3", 4”, 6” and 10” displays, keypad or touch controls, and a 15” touch device. Every SIMATIC HMI Basic Panel is designed with the IP65 protection class and is ideal for simple visualization tasks - even in harsh environments.
All SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels universally provide the same high-end functionality. With high-resolution widescreen displays from 4" to 22", optionally available with touch operation or control keys, they can be optimally adapted to any application.
One of the numerous innovations compared to previous SIMATIC Panels is the capability of coordinating and centrally shutting down the device displays via PROFIenergy during break times in order to reduce energy consumption.
Comfort Panels are configured using the SIMATIC WinCC Comfort Engineering Software of the new Totally Integrated Automation Portal.
SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panel portfolio is perfectly in industries with large production facilities, complex machines, or long production lines. The potable panel is the mobile panel of choice for wireless HMI and is available with standard functionality or with full safety functionality.
SIMATIC HMI Thin Clients are remote operator terminals with touch functionality for combination with a host (e.g. SIMATIC Panel PC or a server). SIMATIC Thin Client with 4:3 displays are available as 10 or 15 inch device and a 15 inch variant as a fully enclosed HMI device (PRO) with IP65 protection rating all around. The new Industrial Thin Client SIMATIC ITC in widescreen format are available with 12, 15, 19 and 22 inch displays.SIMATIC Panel PC portfolio is ideally suited for direct machine or plant visualization tasks. All in one Panel PC devices integrate an industrial PC and an operating unit, and then offer a winning combination of ruggedness, performance and briliant display. The various SIMATIC Panel PC choices meet a wide range of manufacturing and process automation requirements.