Diplome și Certificate de excelență ARTELECTRO este recunoscut în mod constant, an de an, pentru eforturile lor în promovarea produselor Siemens ARTELECTRO Recunoașterea în afaceri, în special a pieței materialelor și echipamentelor electrice (Locul I - TOP AFACERI ROMANIA) BUSSMANN by Eaton
ARTELECTRO este importator direct și distribuitor autorizat în România, pentru produsele Bussmann by Eaton
SIEMENS - Soluții industriale de cântărire ARTELECTRO oferă soluții de cântărire continuă pentru cântar (benzi transportoare), atât pentru instalații fixe, cât și mobile, cu unghi de înclinare fix sau variabil


77-94_motorsSiemens motor systems cover the entire range of synchronous and asynchronous technology: from standard electric motor systems and servomotors for Motion Control applications including linear and torque motors to motors for use in hazardous explosion areas, to high voltage, DC and customized electric motor systems.

Product families

77_GP motorGeneral Purpose motors with aluminum frame are suitable for a wide range of standard drive tasks in the industrial environment. As a result of their especially low weight, they are predestined for pump, fan and compressor applications. However, they are also admirably suited for conveyor technology and lifting equipment / cranes.
Design and architecture of the motors ensure maximum flexibility and minimum associated costs when mounting and installing: Users benefit from integrated lifting eye bolts, mounting feet that can be bolted on, reinforced bearing end shields with optimum mechanical properties and terminal boxes that are easy to access. Not only this, encoders, brakes and separately-driven fans can be easily added.
Power/Speed = 0.55 .. 45 kW / 750 .. 3000 rpm

78_SD motorThe Severe Duty motors with gray cast iron frames are especially rugged. This makes them the first choice for applications in the toughest of environmental conditions. They master dust or vibration in crushers and mixers as well as the aggressive atmospheres that prevail in the petrochemical and process industries.
Their design optimally supports motor cooling and therefore offers the same handling as for the General Purpose line.
Power/Speed = 0.75 .. 200 kW / 750 .. 3000 rpm

79_marine motorSIMOTICS DP Definite Purpose – Marine Motors - Specially designed for use on ships below deck and for the offshore industry, SIEMENS marine motors meet the requirements of the leading classification authorities and have type-test certificates up to 200 kW output.
Power/Speed = 0.37 .. 1250 kW / 750 .. 3000 rpm
80_smoke extractor motorSIMOTICS DP Definite Purpose – Smoke Extractor Motors – The certified smoke extraction motors have been specially developed for buildings or construction sites with smoke control systems. SIEMENS smoke extraction motors can even cope with high ambient temperatures safely. In the event of an accident, they reduce the heat loading on the building and keep access and escape routes smoke-free.
The double-function motors operate as follows: 1) As fan motor for operation under normal conditions; 2) Operation under fault conditions as fan motor at high ambient temperatures (200 °C, 300 °C, 400 °C) and minimum operating time stipulated according to norm
Power/Speed = 0.37 .. 200 kW / 750 .. 3000 rpm
81_crane motorSIMOTICS DP Definite Purpose – Crane Motors - are often exposed to extreme weather conditions – as well as being subject to high operational requirements. They have to withstand high humidity, salty air and high wind speeds while ensuring a high overload capacity and a wide speed control range.
Power/Speed = 1.1 .. 481 kW / 727 .. 1726 rpm
82_roller table motorSIMOTICS DP Definite Purpose – Roller Table Motors - Transport and working roller tables in reversing roller mills are almost exclusively equipped with directly driven rollers today. The requirements placed upon the drive’s mechanical design are extremely high. To meet them, SIEMENS developed the three-phase roller table motors for inverter operation. They are designed as totally enclosed three-phase asynchronous motors.
Power/Speed = 2.5 .. 66 kW / 295 .. 1460 rpm
83_customized motorSIMOTICS DP Definite Purpose – Customized Motors - For many years, the customers in virtually every country in the world are supplied with standard motors of the latest generation. SIEMENS motors comply with the continually growing requirements and standards as well as a wide range of demands for applications of every kind. But SIEMENS are also your powerful partner when a standard motor has to satisfy additional, very specific customer demands. Whether the customer wants special mechanical properties, adaptation of electrical operating values or system solutions, Siemens is already a reliable partner to many customers for specific solutions.84_non-standard motorSIMOTICS TN (Trans-Norm) Motors - Applications requiring power ratings in excess of 160 kW in which prevailing conditions are harsh call for especially rugged motors of the severe duty type. For these applications, SIEMENS supply the transnorm motors in all common voltages and with all usual cooling methods, and as mains or converter motors. This comprehensive range of motors with a host of options covers high power applications in a wide variety of industries: chemicals, oil & gas, cement, mining, paper, water and waste water, steel and shipbuilding are just a few examples
Power/Speed = 160 .. 4000 kW / 750 .. 3000 rpm
85_HT motorsSIMOTICS HT High-Torque Motors - gearless torque motor for applications demanding high torques - SIMOTICS HT motors are at home in all applications that require a very powerful drive without gearbox, also at low speeds. These permanent-magnet synchronous motors are the powerful low-noise solution for paper machine applications, such as presses or roller drives, in the steel industry, e.g. shears and edgers, in ships, such as bow thrusters, winches or main drives, or in mining/cement, e.g. crushers. In these applications, they clearly and convincingly leverage their advantages regarding efficiency, reliability, operating costs as well as size and weight when compared to conventional drive systems.
Power/Torque/Speed = 150 .. 2080 kW / 5000 .. 42000 Nm / 200 .. 800 rpm
86_Ex-motorSIMOTICS XP Explosion-proof Motors - With the explosion-protected motors SIMOTICS XP from Siemens you are going further than the basic safety requirements: SIEMENS rugged Ex motors operate completely reliably even under the most extreme conditions – and this has been proven worldwide a hundred thousand times over. And what is more, there are no gaps in SIEMENS Ex motor range, they meet all requirements with maximum safety and high efficiency during operation.
Power/Speed = 0.12 .. 1000 kW / 750 .. 3000 rpm
87_Loher motorLoher motors - Tailored ex motors - No matter how tough the requirements, SIEMENS Loher provide the right motor. Explosion-proof Loher motors are available in all common types of protection, also with double protection for particularly high explosion hazards. As a result, these low-voltage motors are also suitable for plants subject to explosion hazards, for example deep-sea mining of natural resources, in the chemical or petrochemical industries. They are also safe to use in tunnels or mining.
Power/Speed = up to 5600 kW / 375 .. 3000 rpm
88_S motorSIMOTICS S Servomotors – perfect solution with functionalities for each application: a torque range of 0.18 to 1650 Nm, various built-in transmitters, a range of cooling types and protection classes, an integrated parking brake, plus other options. Fitted with a built-in type plate and DRIVE-CLiQ system interface, you will benefit from optimum interaction with SINAMICS S110 and SINAMICS S120 drive systems.
89_M motorSIMOTICS M Main Motors - If the continuous concentricity of the axes is your primary application requirement, a Siemens main motor is ideal. SIEMENS induction motor line offers power ranging from 2.8 to 1340 kW making it perfect for virtually every application from roller drives in printing presses to machine tool spindles as well as use in lifting gears.90_L motorSIMOTICS L Linear Motors - If your linear process movements are dynamic and precise, a linear motor is your ideal solution. A linear motor in either of Siemens two classes eliminates almost all elasticity, backlash, friction effects, and drive chain vibration. Because they are extremely robust, every Siemens linear motor experiences a low level of wear and is easily maintained.
SIMOTIC L Linear motors from Siemens are available with maximum force rating up to 20,700 N with feed rates exceeding 1.200 m/min, capabilities that provide maximum productivity. The 1FN3 is a linear motor with a magnetic secondary section that delivers impressive maximum force-to-size ratio and dynamics. The 1FN6 motors also have a magnet-free secondary section track making them ideal for long paths.
91_torque motorSIMOTICS T Torque motors - Whether it's for a paper roller, a ship's propeller, an extruder screw or a servo press, a torque motor from Siemens will always deliver the correct rotation at the right time. SIEMENS torque motor series with direct drives for rotary axles provides high and precise torques at optimum speeds, has a high level of availability, and requires little space. As a result, your high-tech machine is ready for any task.
92_spindles motorMotor spindles - Siemens offers the perfect portfolio of motor spindles that deliver maximum productivity and precision and ensure optimum performance and product quality. Mechanically built-in-motor solutions are extremely compact and achieve maximum rigidity, a requirement for achieving maximum speeds and exact concentricity.
93_HV motorHigh Voltage AC-Motors - SIEMENS high voltage motors are available in virtually any imaginable configuration, and offer power ranges up to over 100 MW. When you select your high voltage motor from SIEMENS HV motor lineup, you gain considerable flexibility. This includes several cooling systems and degrees of protection as well as suitability for use in aggressive atmospheres and in potentially hazardous areas.94_DC motorSIMOTICS DC motors - Siemens is known worldwide for engineering leadership and manufacturing excellence. These strengths are built into every Siemens DC motor. SIEMENS proven DC technology will continue to provide you with efficient, reliable service – building on our 125 years of experience and extensive know-how. SIEMENS DC motors have proven their merit in decades of day-to-day use — and in the widest possible range of applications. Thanks to their outstanding reliability, it is hard to imagine a working world without a DC motor. Alongside SIEMENS SIMOREG DC-Master inverters and its successor SINAMICS, the Siemens DC motor always forms the ideal system, whenever you need cost-effective drive performance and the highest possible level of availability.
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