Diplome și Certificate de excelență ARTELECTRO este recunoscut în mod constant, an de an, pentru eforturile lor în promovarea produselor Siemens ARTELECTRO Recunoașterea în afaceri, în special a pieței materialelor și echipamentelor electrice (Locul I - TOP AFACERI ROMANIA) BUSSMANN by Eaton
ARTELECTRO este importator direct și distribuitor autorizat în România, pentru produsele Bussmann by Eaton
SIEMENS - Soluții industriale de cântărire ARTELECTRO oferă soluții de cântărire continuă pentru cântar (benzi transportoare), atât pentru instalații fixe, cât și mobile, cu unghi de înclinare fix sau variabil

HVAC products

105-110_HVACHVAC products – low energy consumption thanks to efficient products – The HVAC products portfolio from Siemens offers a comprehensive range of HVAC systems and products for every area of use and for every technical application. HVAC components are optimally matched so you profit not only from minimized installation and operating costs, but from a high level of security against failure as well.

Product families

HVAC controllers for energy-efficient HVAC control.
Siemens offers standard controllers for all kind of HVAC applications. The range comprises autonomous as well as communicating controllers.
Communicating controllers exchange information on energy usage via KNX®, thus making certain that the only plant components put into operation are those required for ensuring the desired comfort level: heating boilers, refrigeration machines, pumps and so on. The proven and programmed energy saving functions provided by all Synco™ HVAC controllers support energy-optimum operation of plant - both summer and winter.
siemens 001Actuators for a highest level of efficiency, reliability and longevity - Acvatix actuators for globe and pressure independent combi valves consist of a comprehensive range of electrohydraulic, electromotoric, thermostatic and thermal actuators covering a broad application area. For every type of actuator the suitable valves are available.
107_senzori HVACSymaro – energy-efficient and innovative HVAC sensors
Saving energy thanks to highly accurate measurements – Symaro HVAC sensors record and transmit readings extremely quickly and accurately, providing an optimal basis for precise and therefore energy- and cost-efficient control of the entire HVAC plant.
With innovations such as integrated self-monitoring and highly versatile multisensors for different applications, Symaro sensors are a secure investment in the future. Throughout the entire line of temperature sensors, air quality sensors, pressure sensors, solar sensors, humidity sensors, duct sensors, and others, the installation concept has remained unchanged for decades. Therefore, they can be quickly installed and put into operation – so your investment pays off right from the start..
108_actuatoareOpenAir damper actuators – long-lasting performance that moves a lot, using little energy.
OpenAir offers you a comprehensive portfolio of energy- and cost-saving damper actuators. A broad range of applications with an extensive coverage also of special requirements or OEM-specific variants leaves almost no idea without a matching solution.
Robust and proven housing designs protect the devices against the rough conditions during transportation, storage, and at the construction site. Precise, silent running motors sustainably increase building comfort and office productivity. Thanks to extensive tests and field support, OpenAir damper actuators are first choice for building and room automation professionals.
109_room thermostatProgrammable thermostats for energy savings and comfort - Room thermostats from Siemens are easy to install and to use. Siemens’ patented control technology ensures constant room temperatures. A comfortable room environment means having the right temperature at the right time. This is why the room thermostats feature settable time programs. They enable users to heat or cool rooms only when needed, which is both costand energy-efficient. Also, the time programs offer a choice of settings. If a room is used differently every day, the heating and cooling phases can be set individually for each weekday. If room usage is always the same, the weekday/weekend program is the perfect choice. With room thermostats from Siemens, you can cover a wide variety of applications: Fan coils, Heat pumps, VAV, Domestic hot water, Floor heating, Radiators, Electric heating, Ventilation, systems for heating/cooling, Chilled ceilings.
110_room automationRoom automation for increased energy efficiency - A flexible and adaptable room automation system – RX controllers offer the ideal products for pleasant room conditions in individual offices, restaurants, or entrance halls. Their design permits not only user-friendly, energy-efficient control of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, but also of lights and blinds. This means you can adjust all room functions individually to your requirements with a single control unit.