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SITOP – Power supply

57-62_SITOPSIEMENS SITOP switched mode power supply units are globally recognized for their high reliability and for their coping with critical network conditions. Our full range of switched mode power supply units provides a controlled 24vdc power supply and other input voltages. Our unique spectrum of DC-UPS and expansion modules extends our power supply range to protect the 24 Volt supply against mains problems and problems on the dc side.

Product families

The new range of power supplies is designed for standard requirements in industrial environments and offers all important functions at a favorable price, of course without compromising quality and the proverbial SITOP reliability. Low thermal losses in the control cabinet. Short-circuit and overload protection as well as UL approval for export ensure problem-free use.

Thanks to the extremely space-saving slim design, the new power supply series – SITOP compact, for the lower performance, range is especially suited to be integrated into distributed applications in control boxes or in small control cabinets. The power supplies are characterized by their low power loss over the entire load range. Power loss is extremely low even during no-load operation, which is why they are ideal, for example, for the efficient supply of machinery and equipment that are often in stand-by mode.The SITOP PSU100C switched-mode power supplies have a wide-range input for AC and DC networks, with plug-in terminals allowing a simple electrical connection. The wide range of temperatures together with comprehensive certifications offer universal application options combined with the proven SITOP reliability.
The new miniature power supply units – SITOP LOGO! Power, offer great performance in the smallest space. The high efficiency over the complete load range and the low power loss during idle time guarantee efficient operation. The wide input voltage range now also allows the connection of DC voltage, the switch-on response has been optimized for capacitive loads, and the operating temperature range has been extended to +70 °C. The reliable power supplies with logic module design can now be integrated extremely flexibly in a number of applications – for example, in distribution boards thanks to their flat, stepped profile.
SITOP smart is the high-performance standard power supply for automated machines and systems with 24V or 12V electronics. Despite its compactness, it offers outstanding overload characteristics. Its capacity of 1.5 times the rated current for 5 s/min also enables trouble-free connection of consumers that demand high power. And with a rated capacity of 120%, these compact power supply units are among the most reliable of their kind.
SITOP Power Supplies in Design SIMATIC - the Optimal Power Supply for SIMATIC S7 and more.
Regarding design and functionality, the original power supplies of the SIMATIC integrate optimally into the PLC network. As well as the following SIMATIC systems, they also supply other loads reliably with 24 V DC.
SITOP modular meets the highest requirements for functionality, e. g. for use in complex plants and machines. The wide-range input enables connection to any system in the world and reliably guarantees a high level of safety even in the event of large voltage fluctuations. The power boost function briefly supplies up to three times the rated current. In the case of an overload, you can choose between constant current with automatic restart, or latching shutdown.
SITOP DC UPS: Reliable and Continuous 24 V Supply. A reliable, uninterruptible power supply is essential for maximum system availability. That’s why Siemens provides a full range of perfectly coordinated DC UPS modules with our SITOP power supply units. DC UPS devices provide secure and cost-effective protection should primary power fluctuate or fail, thus ensuring uninterrupted system operation.